"The key to this movement toward electricity from renewable, widely distributed sources is a program of renewable energy dividends (sometimes called "feed-in" programs), such as that recently adopted by Gainesville. At peak periods, our current electricity grid is overburdened and fragile and relies on a small number of gigantic (often highly polluting) power plants. With programs like Gainesville’s, the grid can steadily evolve into something far more secure, resilient and sustainable than it is now."  R. James Woolsey, Jr.


An Evening of Inspiration with R. James Woolsey 6:00 to 8:00 pm ~ Boulder, CO on CU Campus at the UMC - Multipurpose Room 235



6:00-6:30: Randy Udall, Energy Analyst and National Leader and Activist in Promoting Energy Sustainability.
"Frustrations and Hopes: How Do We Get More Renewable Energy Into Our Colorado Communities?"

6:30-7:00: Former Mayor Pegeen Hanrahan, Gainesville, FL  "Lessons Learned from Pioneering the First Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Policy in the United States."

7:00-7:30:  R. James Woolsey, Former CIA Director under Clinton Administration, Energy Advisor to McCain's Presidential Campaign & Venture Partner with VPVP.    "How to Secure Our Grid and Rapidly Deploy Renewable Energy Through the Adoption of FIT Policies and Distributed Generation."

7:30-8:00:  Q&A

* Speakers and Agenda Subject To Change