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July 21, 2010: Evening of Inspiration

Randy Udall -
Frustrations and Hopes: How Do We Get More Renewable Energy Into Our Colorado Communities?
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(Part 8) (Part 9)

July 22, 2010: Workshop Presentations

Craig Lewis - Wholesale Distributed Generation (WDG) and Feed In Tariffs (FIT): Getting Renewables on the Grid at Scale and Speed

Susan Perkins -
Local Community Participation in Distributed Renewable Energy Generation

Paul Sheldon - Low Lying Fruit: Implementing FITs & WDG

Janet Gagnon - FITs and Federal Preemption

Craig Lewis - Pricing Objectives with FIT
Toby Couture - Pricing Feed In Tariffs (FIT)

Pegeen Hanrahan - Pioneering FIT Policy in the US

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